Dr. Urs Barmettler

Dr. sc. math. ETH, Swiss accredited pension expert SKPE/CSEP, Chairman & Partner allea Ltd

Urs Barmettler has a PhD in Mathematics of the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. He is Chairman & Partner of allea Ltd seated in Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to his career as a pension consultant, he was involved in research in pure mathematics, differential geometry, at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

He is involved in all aspects of design, financial and consulting advice for pension schemes and has particular expertise in relation to international benefit accounting issues and mergers & acquisitions.

Urs Barmettler is a member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries. He’s been a board member for many years. He is also member of the IAS 19 working group of the Swiss chamber of pension actuaries and the enlarged working group of the chamber of auditors.

Christophe Steiger

Actuary SAA, Swiss accredited pension expert CSEP/SKPE, Partner allea Ltd

After graduating in mathematics, computer sciences and actuarial sciences, Christophe Steiger worked as computer engineer and then as an actuary in consulting for an independent consulting firm. He founded thereafter his own company in employee benefits consultancy. With this experience he joined an international employee benefits company before he accepted the role as a partner at allea Ltd. in 2016.

Christophe Steiger is supporting large and small companies with defined benefits and defined contribution pension fund schemes as a Swiss accredited pension expert. He also performs valuations according to international accounting standards and is a recognized specialist for asset and liability management (ALM) studies.

Christophe Steiger is fluent in French, English and German.

Lionel Candaux

Actuary SAA, Swiss accredited pension expert SKPE/CSEP, Senior Manager at allea Ltd

After his studies in actuarial sciences, Lionel Candaux started his career as an actuary in a consulting firm in the French part of Switzerland. He then joined allea Ltd in Zurich in 2004 as an actuary and gained a lot of experience in the plan design, rework and reorganization of pension fund schemes. During the last years, Lionel Candaux further more developed expertise in valuations according to international accounting standards for Swiss and French schemes and also in merger and acquisition projects.

Lionel Candaux is fluent in French, German and English.

Lionel Candaux is a member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries and the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries. He is a representative of the Swiss Association of Actuaries in the pension committee of the Actuarial Association of Europe.

Dr. Ljudmila Bertschi

SKPE-Expertin, Aktuarin SAV at allea AG

PhD Phys.-Math MSU, Swiss accredited pension fund expert SKPE/CSEP and Actuary SAV/SAA, Senior Consultant at allea Ltd.

Ljudmila Bertschi advises clients as a pension fund expert in international accounting and local expert mandates, actuarial and quantitative risk management (ALM incl.), development of de-risking strategies (1ePlans and studies in relation to the longevity risk transfer incl.) and client specific benchmarking studies for benefit policies. Prior to joining allea Ltd in 2018 Ljudmila Bertschi worked in international consulting and investment firms as well as insu-rance companies where she additionally developed tools for dynamic ALM- and risk analysis Studies for pension funds and insurance collective business.

She has a proven record of success in conducting training workshops and presentations on risk management topics based on her publications. In 2014-2015 she successfully conducted and publishes a research study on pension losses in Swiss pension funds on behalf of the FOSI/BSV.

Ljudmila Bertschi is fluent in German, English and Russian and has a working knowledge of French.